Appulate release 08/03/17

Email marketing campaigns

We are introducing a new opportunity for markets to conduct their email marketing campaigns using appropriate Appulate mail services. Being a market’s advertising or PR specialist, you can employ ...  Read more

Appulate release 07/20/17

New navigation on questionnaires

We have redesigned the toolbar above questionnaires on the Q&A tab and in the Q&A editor of the Forms tab, so that the UI elements are organized in a more comfortable and predictable way.

The ...  Read more

Appulate release 06/22/17

New Appulate email template

One more Standard email template has been added for agency and market users.

We have expanded our list of templates to make correspondence between agencies and the insured ...  Read more

Appulate release 06/01/17

Renewed meaning assigned to statuses in Appulate

We have reviewed the set of record statuses denoting stages in the policy and request for quote lifecycle in the Appulate ...  Read more

Appulate release 05/25/17

New Class Codes page

The Class Codes page has been redesigned to improve its usability and ensure the UI elements used on this page are consistent with the current industry standards.

This page contains ...  Read more

Appulate release 05/04/17

Contact Roles in insured company

A contact person within an insured company is associated with a new parameter: Contact Role, which replaced the earlier used “Contact Type”. You can specify ...  Read more

Appulate release 04/13/17

New Submission report

We have introduced the new report of Submissions to present statistical information on your company’s submission activity.

Note: To open this report, click “Submissions” ...  Read more

Appulate release 03/30/17: New blog

We have redesigned our corporate blog to improve its usability. We have also added a set of new UI elements to facilitate your search for particular information or a post, namely search by keywords ...  Read more


Real-time questionnaire synchronization

You are able to see users who are working with you on the same questionnaire in parallel and which changes they have made. This will allow you to avoid uncoordinated actions and track the updates in ...  Read more


Agency Appointment

The Agency Appointment functionality introduces appointment-related business rules in the Appulate system, which imply that an agency can work with a market without limitations only if this agency is ...  Read more


Adding new agency users by a market

When a market user creates an application or policy and assigns it to an agency, this user is able not only select an existing agency user for assigning but also add a new one.

Note: ...  Read more



If a market requires a producer to be assigned to submit or redirect an application, an agency user is able to select a producer from any location of their company. Moreover, if an Agency code is required, ...  Read more



A new type of “Appulate Help” contents is now available: Articles.

The new Articles tab contains independent articles written by Appulate’s staff on different topics. ...  Read more