Appulate release 07/20/17

New navigation on questionnaires

We have redesigned the toolbar above questionnaires on the Q&A tab and in the Q&A editor of the Forms tab, so that the UI elements are organized in a more comfortable and predictable way.

The following changes have been made:

  • Sections grouping related questions are represented as tabs (1), not as items in the drop-down list. This solution visualizes navigation. You can open these tabs successively or in any other order to fill out a questionnaire.
  • A list of active users who are working on a questionnaire is shifted (2). Besides the names of these users, this list also contains information on when the last modification was made and who did it.
  • A list of additional functions opens when you click the “Wrench” button: Mark all “No”, Hide Reviewed, and Get XML (3).
  • The new “Chevron” button is used to expand the room for the questionnaire by hiding the list of markets above (4). It is applicable only to the Q&A tab.
  • The Done button is used to mark all questions of an open section or subsection as reviewed (5). Earlier this button was called “Mark all Done”.

  • Additional buttons appear next to the tabs if all available tabs do not fit in the bar. Using these buttons, you can scroll the tabs (6) or open a list of them to quickly jump to the one you need (7).

File attachment to every email message

You can attach a file to any email message you send via Appulate, whether or not the type of this message needs attachments. Continue Reading

Appulate release 06/22/17

New Appulate email template

One more Standard email template has been added for agency and market users.

We have expanded our list of templates to make correspondence between agencies and the insured on the one hand and markets and agencies on the other hand less time-consuming.

Agency users with role “Admin” can find the new Reply to insured template on the Standard Templates tab of the Email Templates page. This template contains a message to the insured regarding their policy or request for quote. Use the parameters featured on the right to customize your template. Continue Reading

Appulate release 06/01/17

Renewed meaning assigned to statuses in Appulate

We have reviewed the set of record statuses denoting stages in the policy and request for quote lifecycle in the Appulate system. The record status allows you to track how far along you’ve come while working on a particular insured’s case. At certain points in the policy and request for quote lifecycle the corresponding statuses of the same record may not match on the agency’s and market’s sides.   Continue Reading

Appulate release 05/25/17

New Class Codes page

The Class Codes page has been redesigned to improve its usability and ensure the UI elements used on this page are consistent with the current industry standards.

This page contains information about up-to-date industry codes, such as NAICS and NCCI, imported from the official resources, and provides convenient controls to easily find a particular one. Continue Reading

Appulate release 05/04/17

Contact Roles in insured company

A contact person within an insured company is associated with a new parameter: Contact Role, which replaced the earlier used “Contact Type”. You can specify more than one role for a person.

You will encounter the new “Contact Roles” parameter in the following places:

  • The Contacts tab of an insured page
  • The Q&A tab (questionnaire)
  • The Q&A editor on the Forms tab (questionnaire).

When you, for example, create a new or modify an existing record under Contact Information in a questionnaire, you can click in the Contact roles box and select a role from the drop-down list to associate it with the contact person (see the following figure). You can add more than one role. Continue Reading