Real-time questionnaire synchronization

You are able to see users who are working with you on the same questionnaire in parallel and which changes they have made. This will allow you to avoid uncoordinated actions and track the updates in real time.

When you open a quote or policy on the Q&A or Forms (“Q&A”) tab, you are able to see who are currently working on this quote or policy (if any), which changes they have made, and who and when made the last change.

The bar above the questionnaire displays the information on these users and the last change in the format “N more active users” and “Last edit few seconds/N minutes/N hours ago by User Name”, respectively. When you click “N more active users”, a list of these users opens; it contains their names represented with different colors. Changes made by these users are marked with their respective colors: colored text or colored strokes around UI elements such as option buttons and check boxes. When you point over a colored element, a tooltip reading the user name appears.

Questionnaire on the Q&A tab

All the changes are immediately synchronized whether they are made manually on the tabs or by other means such as Form Filling, Inline Editor, or Appulate Uplink.