APPULATE RELEASE 03/16/17: Using ACORD forms

Since a number of our clients do not use ACORD forms in their Appulate-related practices, and the inclusion of these forms impedes their business processes, we have made the usage of ACORD forms optional.

The new setting of ACORD Forms Usage on the My Profile / User Profile page defines whether you or another user of your company can see ACORD forms and perform actions upon them. This setting is turned off for all newly created users and for the users who have not utilized ACORD forms in the last year both within Appulate and through Uplink. Users with any role (“Admin”, “User”, or “Viewer”) have access to this setting and can start or stop using ACORD forms at any time.

ACORD Forms Usage setting on My Profile page

If you regularly use ACORD forms, you will not notice any change.

If you do not use ACORD forms, they will not be shown to you in the places they are commonly available: the “Forms” tab of a “Marketing” page, the “Send Email” window, the “Uplink” page, etc. A message with an integrated button there will inform you about it and allow you to get access to these forms (in this case, the “ACORD Forms Usage” setting will turn on automatically).

Hidden ACORD forms on Forms tab

New rules for ACORD and Supplemental forms

Each quote or policy is commonly associated with a set of appropriate ACORD and Supplemental forms. Besides the primary parameters, such as the insurance line, the market, and the insured’s business type, these forms are selected according to the state. For now the state of an ACORD or Supplemental form is checked against the states specified in the following three points:

  • The Insured tab of an “Insured” page
  • Insured’s Mailing Address in a questionnaire
  • Locations collection in a questionnaire (all rows).
States specified in Appulate

A relevant ACORD form will be associated with the quote or policy if

  • The state of this form matches any specified state.
  • This is a default form (i.e. one with no state), and Appulate does not have an ACORD form whose state matches any specified state.
  • This is a default form, and no state is specified.

A relevant Supplemental form will be associated with the quote or policy if

  • The state of this form matches any specified state.
  • This is a default form.

Enhanced system to detect duplicate agencies

When a user is registering a new agency in Appulate, we check not only the user’s email address, but also the agency’s name to find out if a similar agency has not been registered before.

Note: To register an agency in Appulate, click the “Join for Free” button on the “ProducerConnect” tab of Appulate home page.

If it is detected that a user tries to register a duplicate agency, they are informed about it and are offered to

  • Contact the administration of a matching existing agency (there might be one or more matches detected).
  • Contact Appulate support team for assistance if the user is not sure.
  • Ignore the warning message and finish registering their agency. In this case, the user takes responsibility for their action.
Warning that an agency being registered might exist in Appulate

New rules for automatic quote cancellation

Each quote will be automatically cancelled if the response has not been received for a particular period of time.

The Auto-cancellation setting on the Settings page is used to specify the number of days that have to pass since a quote’s Effective date and since the last change of this quote’s status to consider this quote expired. This setting is required. An expired quote is cancelled automatically.

Auto-cancellation setting on the Settings page