APPULATE RELEASE 01/26/17: New columns in Quotes report

In the Quotes report, we have substituted new Pending and Quoted Ongoing columns for the previously used “Outstanding” one, whose purpose was to display the number of active quotes that were not declined, canceled, or bound.

Note: To open the “Quotes” report, click “Quotes” on the “Reports” menu.

The “Pending” column displays the number of active quotes which no market has provided a quote document for. Markets either have not received these quotes yet or have them under consideration.

The “Quoted Ongoing” column displays the number of active quotes which markets have provided at least one quote document for. The received offers are under consideration, and the policies have not been bound yet.

Pending and Quoted Ongoing columns

Enhanced appetite guide indications

When you point to an appetite guide indicator on the “Submission” page, the appearing information message contains references to the required unanswered questions, not just a list of detected problems.

Most pieces of required data you may encounter in appetite guide information messages have been converted into links, which lead you to the questions you should answer to be allowed to make a submission. When you click such a link, the section the required question belongs to opens automatically, and the respective UI element is marked with red color there. Thus, you do not need to search for it anymore.

Appetite guide information message

Adding new market contacts

The users of a market’s agencies and MGAs can specify this market’s contact information.

The Add New button on the Contacts tab of a selected market page is used to create users for this market: their contact information will be used for communication (see the following figure). The users of each agency or MGA with role “Admin” or “User” can add and share this information.

Note: To open the “Contacts” tab, click “Selected” on the “Markets” menu, select a market whose contact information you want to update, and then click the “Contacts” tab.

Add New button on Contacts tab

When you click the Add New button, you will be asked to enter the relevant data in the open Add New Contact dialog box: first and last names, email address, designation (all are required), and phone number (optional).

Note: Some markets may choose to control their contact information by themselves through the Appulate system, thus the “Add New” button for such markets will be absent.