APPULATE RELEASE 12/9/16: Limits and Deductible columns

Two new columns have been added to the table on the Submission page: Limits and Ded. (Deductible).

The Limits column displays the maximum amount of benefits an insured customer can claim, and the Ded. column displays the amount of funds an insured customer has to pay to the insurer before the latter is to cover the losses. At the moment, these two columns are applicable only to “General Liability” and “Artisan Contractors” and are hidden if any other insurance line is selected.

You can choose “Limits” and “Deductible” values from the respective drop-down lists in these columns. The sets of available options are either provided by the markets (if they use appropriate services) or based on Appulate’s default values.

Limits and Ded. columns

Note: Since you can enter “Limits” and “Deductible” values in the table, they are excluded from the questionnaire.

Bind button at Quote document level

The Bind button is available on a quote document row.

The Bind button has been moved from a market row to a quote document row on the Submission page. This change implies that the logic and hence the relationships between agencies and markets have slightly altered in Appulate: a market cannot bind a policy if it has not provided any quote document.

Bind button