Appulate release 04/13/17

New Submission report

We have introduced the new report of Submissions to present statistical information on your company’s submission activity.

Note: To open this report, click “Submissions” on the “Reports” menu.

The Submissions report is used to show the list of markets your company made submissions to and which states these submissions (quotes) had. The “By Market” tab of the Quotes report, which was previously used for this purpose, has been removed.

Similarly to the “Quotes” and “Book of Business” reports, the “Submissions” report shows data in the form of a table (see the following figure) and allows you to filter this data by several parameters (use the respective drop-down lists above the table), namely:

  • Period (“Today”, “This Week”, “This Month”, etc.)
  • Insured State (states where the insured resided and where the quotes were created: multiple selection)
  • Line of Business (multiple selection)
  • Agency (available to market users only; agencies and MGAs whose users made the submissions: multiple selection)
  • Market (markets to which your company’s users made the submissions: multiple selection)
  • Producer/Underwriter or CSR (multiple selection)
  • Location (your company’s offices: multiple selection)
  • New vs Renewal.

Note: Since the same request can be submitted to more than one market, each submission is counted individually, i.e. a submission made to a certain market is counted as a separate quote.

Filtering by a market (the “Market” drop-down list) is now permanently available in the “Quotes” and “Book of Business” reports, no matter which grouping method (tab above the table) is chosen.

New rule for Est. Premium

If a market has not quoted a price for a policy, the best price quoted by one of its submarkets is not shown for this market in “Est. Premium” column. The respective cell remains blank.