Appulate release 08/03/17

Email marketing campaigns

We are introducing a new opportunity for markets to conduct their email marketing campaigns using appropriate Appulate mail services. Being a market’s advertising or PR specialist, you can employ this reliable and time-tested tool, which we use ourselves, to send an unlimited number of email messages to your customers and partners.

We have implemented this functionality on our new page called Email Marketing Campaigns. To open it, click Email Marketing Campaigns on the Agencies menu. Initially, the list of existing campaigns is empty. To create one, click the Create Campaign button.

Note: This functionality is available only to a user with an “Admin” role registered with a market company.

On the open Campaign Editor page, enter your campaign’s name and the subject and body of an email message (in plain text or HTML format); then click the Save button. (This new campaign will be added to the list on the Email Marketing Campaigns page.) After that, click Appulate support team to request our engineers to send copies of your message to specified recipients at a specific time.

Before contacting our team, you can also send test copies of your message to email addresses you have access to. This will let you see how its content would be displayed in different web browsers or email clients. To do it, enter one or more email addresses under Email Design Checking (optional) and then click the Send Email button at the bottom of the Campaign Editor page.

When you return to the Email Marketing Campaign page, you will see that the campaign you have just created is in the list. The parameters associated with it and the commands to manage it are the following:

  • Campaign name: the name of your campaign.
  • Created on: the date and time when it was created.
  • Sent on: the date and time when the last copy was sent. It is applicable only to finished campaigns.
  • Sent emails: the number of copies sent so far. It is applicable only to campaigns in progress or finished ones.
  • Status: the status of your campaign – “Sent” (for finished campaigns) or “Not sent yet”.
  • Action: commands to perform actions on your campaign – “Edit campaign” (opens the “Campaign Editor” page) or “Delete campaign”. These commands are unavailable to finished campaigns.