Appulate Release

New Appulate Release!

Status changes are now done automatically, so that you no longer have to keep track of it yourself.

We have a new area to upload quotes, right under the market’s name.

For markets ...  Read more

Appulate Release

Merge PDF

The "Merge PDF" button allows you to merge multiple PDFs in Appulate, into 1 file.

Here are the steps:

1. Chose the files you want to merge together and click on the “Merge PDF” ...  Read more

Updates in Appulate

Welcome to Appulate Release Thursday!

Here are some updates that were made to Appulate today:


Our “Forms” feature has be updated. It now allows you to print all of your forms into one ...  Read more

LossRunner 4.0

LossRunner 4.0 is  officially here! It is our new and improved loss run requesting tool which is very easy to use and secure for your prospect, using electronic signature.

Just simply ...  Read more

New Interface for Forms!

Appulate continues to improve your submission workflow. Instead of having to go to the Q&A/Forms section to edit ACORDs and supplementals, you can now work on them right from the Marketing section, ...  Read more

Appulate’s New Documents Section

Appulate’s Documents section, under the Marketing tab, has just been updated to automatically include any forms that you have in the ‘Q&A/Forms’ section.

Also, to make editing faster ...  Read more

Work Comp Comparative Rater Update!

We have introduced two key factors that will enhance our popular new feature, the Work Comp Comparative Rater. Territory Factor and Terrorism Rate are now included and can be examined in the Detailed ...  Read more

NEW- Activity Log

Track your movements in Appulate with our new Activity Log. The Activity Log will help you track the date and time when you:

-Created a new customer

-Created a new policy

-Updated policy information

It ...  Read more