Redesigned quote buttons and a new feature for agents

We’ve rolled out some anticipated UI changes: redesigned the Upload Quote, Request Quote, and Generate Quote buttons on the RFQ interface and moved them to the Action column.

Previously they were located under markets in the Market name column making the interface look a bit overloaded and odd. Now all the market and quote actions are in one place and feel more put together.  Read more

Appulate launches Uplink 3.0!

We’ve finally rolled out Uplink 3.0 — a huge update our team has been tirelessly working on for months.

Uplink is a free tool developed by Appulate that imports data from your AMS or any electronic document into Appulate. It saves a lot of time and simplifies the submission process as it uses ACORD data to manage customer information in Appulate or send it directly to carriers. Read more

Quote cover letter

Sometimes carriers and MGAs need to provide additional information in the proposal to the agency. For this reason, we’ve implemented a new feature to enhance better communication and save time. Carriers and MGAs can now send a quote cover letter to their agencies directly from Appulate.

1. To send a quote cover letter, click Release on the RFQ interface. Read more

UI changes to the market and quote buttons

We’ve worked hard to improve the appearance of market and quote buttons on the RFQ interface, making sure you get the best user experience. Previously these buttons were displayed as icons, and now they have been redesigned and grouped, making the interface look neater and structured better.

Here are a couple of enhancements you’ll find: Read more

Appulate release 01/24/19: Requests marked as submitted

Since you or employees of your agency may work with markets outside Appulate but at the same time actively use Appulate for tracking the progress and productivity, we allow you to mark “Weblink” and “Email” requests for quote as “submitted” to these markets while they are actually not.

You or the employees of your agency may fill out a form on a market’s web portal to make a submission and want, for any reason, to register this information in the Appulate system. In this case, a duplicate submission to this market looks inappropriate whereas you cannot benefit from the Appulate functionality (change the Submission status, upload quote documents, or bind the policy) until the formal submission is made. Read more