Assigning Underwriter & CSR to agencies

Since Underwriters and CSRs typically work with particular agencies, we’ve decided to implement a new feature to reflect your business relations in Appulate.

Previously you had to specify an Underwriter and CSR on the Options tab, in the Policies and Quotes menus for every RFQ or Policy, but it makes a lot more sense to have a separate setting. Plus, you’ll avoid a tedious work assigning them every time you get a new submission.  

Market users can assign the Underwriter & CSR to an agency on the Agencies > Selected > Agency Info tab. The Underwriter and CSR will be automatically assigned to RFQs from this agency. Information about assignees will also appear on:

  • Options tab of an RFQ
  • Selected Agencies page
  • Quotes and Policies menus
  • Activity log

Note: The assigned Underwriter & CSR must have a corresponding designation in the Appulate system.