Quote cover page

We continue to expand the quote functionality. This time we’re implementing a quote cover page for market users. 

A quote cover page is an additional page attached to an uploaded or generated quote. This feature is implemented mainly for MGAs, since they need to provide information that affects the policy premium, such as commissions, or binding requirements not included in the quote. To turn on this feature for your company, please contact us at sales@appulate.com.

1. To attach a quote cover page, click Add cover page in the Action column.

2. In the Add cover page dialog, specify necessary information, and click Add.

A quote cover page has been added. The quote will contain a first page with the logo of your company, specified parameters, and contact information.

3. You can also change information and replace a cover page by clicking Replace cover page in the drop-down menu.

Note: The quote cover page can be added only to quotes in the PDF format.