Introducing indications

We started to implement indications in the Appulate system a while ago. Now we’ve added new statuses to help you track the progress and minor tweaks to smooth your user experience.

An indication is a non-binding rate of the estimated premium. If you are satisfied with the indication, you are expected to provide new information on the Q&A tab or market’s website to get a bindable quote.

Key features are:

  • Indications and quotes are visually different. We’ve designed separate icons for an indication and quote .
  • Indication statuses are similar to quote statuses:
    • Indication Prepared appears for agents and markets when an indication has been generated.
    • Indication Released appears for markets when:
      • an underwriter has released an indication,
      • or an indication has been generated automatically on the agency’s side.
  • To track progress on submissions, indication statuses will appear in the Status column of the Quotes menu.
  • You can delete your indication by clicking Delete indication in the drop-down menu.
  • Once an indication is released, the submitting agency will get the Indication prepared email notification with the attached document.
  • The result of the indication generation will be logged in the Activity log.

For now, this feature is implemented for markets that support indication generation. We’re continually expanding the indication and quote functionality to automate the quoting process in the insurance industry.