Redesigned quote buttons and a new feature for agents

We’ve rolled out some anticipated UI changes: redesigned the Upload Quote, Request Quote, and Generate Quote buttons on the RFQ interface and moved them to the Action column.

Previously they were located under markets in the Market name column making the interface look a bit overloaded and odd. Now all the market and quote actions are in one place and feel more put together. 

Note: The Request Quote (for agents) and Generate Quote (for markets) appear if your market supports quote generation in Appulate. The Upload quote button is used to provide quotes without pulling data from Appulate or market’s external service.

New opportunity for agents

We’ve also extended the quote functionality based on our clients’ feedback. Now agents submitting to Appulate markets can upload quotes. Previously only market users could upload and release quotes to the agents.

If you have received a quote from a market outside Appulate, you can now upload it to your RFQ. It’s a lot comfier if your market has an external service to generate quotes. Besides, agents can also change the limits, deductible, and Est. Premium for the uploaded quotes.