Assigning Underwriter & CSR to agencies

Since Underwriters and CSRs typically work with particular agencies, we’ve decided to implement a new feature to reflect your business relations in Appulate.

Previously you had to specify an Underwriter and CSR on the Options tab, in the Policies and Quotes menus for every RFQ or Policy, but it makes a lot more sense to have a separate setting. Plus, you’ll avoid a tedious work assigning them every time you get a new submission.    Read more

Appulate launches Uplink 3.0

Uplink is a free tool developed by Appulate that is used to import data from your AMS or any electronic document into Appulate. It saves a lot of time and simplifies the submission process as it uses ACORD data to manage customer information in Appulate or send it directly to carriers.

We are finally introducing a new version of this tool with the expanded functionality. Read more

Appulate release 06/06/19

UI changes to the market and quote buttons

We’ve worked hard to improve the appearance of market-related and quote-related buttons on the RFQ interface, making sure you get the best experience. Previously these buttons were displayed as icons, now they have been redesigned and grouped together making the interface look neater and structured better.

Here are a couple of enhancements you’ll find:

  • Main buttons (“Release”, “Request to Bind”, “Bind”, etc.) have been redesigned to make them easier to find and use. The color of a button indicates the availability of this action:
    • a green button means this command can be performed, i.e. you have fulfilled all the requirements and now can proceed further.
    • an orange button shows that this action is not available due to specific reasons (e.g. a market you are submitting to requires an appointment). These reasons are listed in a tooltip that will appear as soon as you click the button.
    • Read more