Appulate release 11/08/18

New market identifiers, other modifications to RFQ

Following feedback from our customers, we have introduced substantial improvements to a market list you see on the RFQ interface. And we hope these will not simply enhance your user experience and guide you through the submission process more clearly but will help you choose markets to work with more consciously and thus perform your work more effectively.

Among our improvements to the RFQ interface, you will find the following.

(1) “Lightning” icon () in front of a market name or next to a submarket name. It means that such a market or submarket has a configured quote generator that allows you to get estimated calculations and premium based on the parameters of your client almost immediately. Thus, as soon as you make a submission to a market with a “Lightning” icon or make a submission to a market whose selected submarket is marked with such an icon, you will instantly receive a quote document from this market or submarket or access the “Request Quote” or “Generate Quote” button, which also implies getting a quote document within seconds. Contrary to it, markets that are not marked with a “Lightning” icon and thus do not support quote generation will refer your submission to their underwriters to handle it manually. And this will undoubtedly take more time to get the response.

(2) New design of submission indicators.

(3) New design of market-related buttons in the “Action” column. Besides it, the “Options” () and “Login” () buttons are shown only if they are available for clicking. Otherwise, they are hidden.

(4) New design of “Submit” button. A green “Submit” button means that you have answered all the required questions asked by the respective market and are now allowed to request a quote from this market. We hope that the size and design of this button will be just an unobtrusive reminder to make a submission before leaving the page. An orange “Submit” button, in contrast, means that you have to make additional actions first, for example set an appointment with the market or answer all its questions. You can point to the button to find out what needs to be done.