Appulate release 08/02/18

Record Substatus

Sort through submissions faster with our new record substatus feature. The substatus allows you to clarify what state an RFQ or Policy is currently in and track your progress. When you set a substatus for a record, it is only available to the users of your company and will not be visible to other companies working on this record.

The Substatus column appears next to the Status column in the tables on the following pages:

  • Quotes -> Underway
  • Quotes -> All Requests for Quote
  • Policies -> In Force
  • Policies -> All Policies.

You can also include this column into any custom view you create.

The column allows you to sort or filter your records by substatus, for example, to see which ones are ready for you to work with and which ones require you to send additional information requests to your partners or the insured.

You can set, edit, or delete a substatus directly in the table. To make these changes, place the pointer over a field in the Substatus column. If the field is empty, the word Specify will appear on mouseover. Click the field, then choose a substatus from the list of suggestions or enter a custom one. The substatus can only be changed manually; it does not get reset automatically when the record status changes.

Another way of changing the substatus of a record is through its Options tab. Here as well, when you set focus on the Substatus field, you can choose a suggested substatus from the drop-down list or enter your own. Click Save to retain these changes. Once you set a substatus on the Options tab of a record, it will appear in the respective tables and vice versa.

Customize your workflow on Appulate with our new substatus feature, track the steps your company takes and spend less time deciding which records to work with first.