Appulate release 12/14/17

Mark-all-No function

The “Mark-all-No” function, which many Appulate users find useful, is now represented as a button.

When you or your partners are filling out a questionnaire on the Q&A tab, in the Q&A editor of the Forms tab, or in any other form, the new Mark all “No” button can be used to answer “No” to all shown Yes/No questions at a time. You will find this button either on the toolbar if the open tab (section) has no subsections or in the upper-right corner of the open subsection. And thus it will affect all the Yes/No questions of this section or subsection, respectively.

Appulate Help menu

Appulate help is now available via commands of the Help menu.

If you are looking for information on how to use our products or you need a consultation with our support specialist, please click the command that seems to match your needs on the Help menu.

  • “Documentation”: A manual on how to use Appulate.
  • “Articles”: Independent articles covering different topics (including FAQ).
  • “Training”: Online courses run by our customer service specialists.
  • “Video Tutorials”: Training video content.
  • “Contact Us”: A form to request assistance from our support team.