Appulate release 10/11/18

UI changes to questionnaire

We continue polishing the interface of questionnaires on the Q&A tab and in the Q&A editor of the Forms tab to both ensure that our product meets current industry standards and make your work with our product even more comfortable.

This time we have

  • Redesigned the tabs representing sections with related questions (1).
  • Removed the “Hide/Show markets” button from the toolbar on the “Q&A” tab (2), which had previously been used to hide the list of markets above to expand the room for the questionnaire and show this list again. After the new way of choosing markets on the RFQ interface was introduced, this button became redundant.
  • Implemented new Previous section and Next section buttons to switch between neighboring sections (3). They have taken the place of the “Back” and “Continue” buttons used earlier to switch between neighboring subsections.
  • Made other slight UI changes (4): design, color, etc.