Appulate release 10/12/17

Commission: a new tab on the Policy page

We have introduced a new tab on the Policy page: Commission. This tab allows you to keep track of the commissions, fees, and your proceeds from binding policies. Simply enter the values for written premium and, depending on your role in the policy binding cycle, commission earned by your company, commission paid to your partners, and your fee; Appulate will calculate the rest.

Please see on the figure below how the Commission tab is displayed to users from different types of companies: agency, MGA, or carrier. To save your time and effort, we synchronize the values entered into the fields on this tab for all companies working with a policy. When you or any of your partners specify the written premium, this value is automatically shown to all users associated with the policy. In the same manner, the percentage indicated as paid commission for one company is shown to their partner who had made a submission to them as their earned commission and vice versa.