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New choice to configure your custom mail protocol to send email messages: MS Exchange.

Appulate uses its SMTP configuration and a special approach to prevent your incoming email messages from being marked ...  Read more



A lookup list appears to assist you in entering the insured’s address, city, state, or zip.

On the Insured page, start typing an address, city, state, or zip. After you have typed ...  Read more

Appulate Release 4/14/16

Producer and CSR Assignment Removed From the Insured Level

From now on, Producer and/or CSR can only be attached at a quote's / policy's level. This means that different quotes/policies pertaining to the same insured can be assigned different Producer ...  Read more

Appulate Release 3/24/16

In-House User Designation

You can now designate your company’s user as an “In-House User”. This is meant for users that do not normally interact with external parties, i.e. senior managers or support staff. 

An in-house ...  Read more

Appulate Release 2/11/16

Appointed Agency Flag

A new flag, Appointed with our market, was introduced for market’s agency properties. “Appointment” means that, for example, there is a commission sharing agreement ...  Read more

Appulate Release 1/21/16

Quote Sent to Insured Status Update

After an agency sends an uploaded quote to an insured by email, the status of the quote will be automatically changed to Sent To Insured, regardless of the submission type for the respective ...  Read more

Appulate Release 11/5/15

Quote Views Makeover

The quote views for agencies and markets have been revised to accommodate the new statuses. You can access the views from the Quotes dropdown in the top menu. 

Quote Views for Agencies

Three views are now available ...  Read more

Appulate Release 10/15/15

Specific Declined By Market Statuses

Appulate now has three new Declined by Market statuses that allow to more specifically communicate the reason a submission has been declined:

  • Declined by Market (Reserved) – another agent had already submitted a quote for this insured before you did,
  • Declined by Market (No Appetite) – this insured did not fulfil the market’s underwriting criteria, 
  • Declined by Market (Other) – the quote was declined for some other reason. 

Markets that use Appulate submission type can assign Declined ...  Read more

Appulate Release 9/24/15

New search interface on Insured view

A new search interface has been implemented for the Insured view. You can type a search term into the box and click "Search", and all insureds whose details contain the search term will be ...  Read more