Appulate’s New Comprehensive eLearning Course Caters to All Learning Styles

Appulate’s automated insurance agency technology and training resources reach new heights with a newly revamped eLearning course and certificate program.

Westlake Village, CA – August 15, 2022 – Appulate provides training to networked insurance agents and industry professionals who want to utilize automation technology to simplify insurance. Our newly revamped eLearning course is designed to match different learning styles and schedules. Now, with an enhanced learning experience and certificate program, insurance professionals can learn to use Appulate’s automated insurtech solutions to save time on insurance submissions and streamline their overall workflow.

This comprehensive eLearning journey condenses an hour of information into a 30-minute crash course on Appulate’s automated technology solutions. Upon completion of this course students will be prepared to dive into processing automated loss runs, generate instant quotes, access easier ACORD forms, and leverage Appulate’s AMS integration tools with confidence. As Appulate continues to be considerate of industry professionals’ time, there are other training options available to users as well. Appulate users can take advantage of 1v1 training sessions for a more personalized training approach, access additional training resources on our website, or simply reach out to

With our revamped eLearning course Appulate’s ProducerConnect Premium users gain a clearer understanding of the various submission types that Appulate offers. Most importantly, users learn how to process each submission type, how to access and complete fillable ACORD forms such as the ACORD 194, ACORD 186, ACORD 803, ACORD 132, ACORD 125 and various supplemental forms.

This eLearning course also highlights how easy it is to navigate Appulate’s automated insurance technology from current agency management systems using AMS integration. From easy-to-digest tutorials and quizzes to videos that deliver visual examples of completing a task – this course allows students to easily consume information based on their preferred learning style.

Participants of Appulate’s newly enhanced eLearning course, can showcase their knowledge of automation technology with a certificate of completion. This certificate confirms an acquired understanding of the insurance industry’s leading insurance distribution platform and agent preferred submission management software. Current ProducerConnect users can easily enter their existing credentials to access the course and begin their journey to mastering Appulate. This is a game-changer for any industry professional registered with Appulate that has not taken full advantage of the technology due to user-interface challenges or learning curves.

About Appulate

Appulate has provided industry professionals with the automation technology to do business digitally for almost two decades. Appulate continues to facilitate industry growth with evolving technology catered to meeting the needs of the insurance business.

With nearly 300,000 independent agents registered on the Appulate platform and 35,000+ agencies who have produced over $1B in annual premium, Appulate’s automation has become essential for expanding distribution and increasing productivity. Appulate has created a digital ecosystem for insurance professionals to save time on processes and digitally interact on a single platform through any agency management system.

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