Appulate Caters to Advanced Retail Agencies and Wholesalers with the Introduction of BrokerConnect

Westlake Village, CA – May 18, 2022 – The launch of BrokerConnect gives advanced retail agencies and wholesalers game-changing options at a fraction of typical industry costs.

Appulate’s automation technology solutions have proven to be an essential aspect of insurance professionals’ workflow for nearly 20 years. Now, Appulate is taking a more tailored approach in catering to brokers, wholesalers, and advanced retail agencies with the release of BrokerConnect.

BrokerConnect will give access to affordable out-of-the-box products that require much less custom engineering, while agents reap the benefits of comprehensive, custom solutions that accommodate their needs.

Both markets and advanced retail agents can leverage BrokerConnect for industry-leading automated insurtech solutions to push submissions to hundreds of carriers and markets across dozens of lines of business. Even more, with access to Appulate’s extensive forms library, brokers can automatically complete supplemental forms and other necessary documents for multiple markets simultaneously whether they have a portal or not – eliminating manual entry even further.

BrokerConnect’s Uplink tool allows for the conversion of fillable ACORD forms into ACORD XML data to populate necessary information into Appulate, submission management systems, and policy administration systems effortlessly. Brokers who ingest ACORD forms into the Appulate system can now save valuable time spent on manual entry and increase productivity with this new insurance broker technology.

Appulate’s Weblink tool gives brokers the power to move data from Appulate into their carrier portals with password storage and single sign-on functionality. Appulate has already built Weblink for a wide range of markets and lines of business and offers the option to purchase new Weblink developments on demand. In addition, Appulate can be used to track outgoing insurance submissions by user and time stamp, ensuring that users can easily track submission activity regardless of how they submitted to their markets.

The BrokerConnect tool also offers out-of-the-box and easy-to-use dynamic questionnaires that can be used for every major line of business. This comprehensive insurance technology can be customized by Appulate’s market partners to ensure only required information is displayed. Brokers who need to customize these questionnaires further can do so, enabling their networked insurance agents to see only required questions and communicate these to the insured. This benefit is most used by brokers who interact with carriers outside of our network to empower their CSRs and Underwriters who may be unfamiliar with their market’s requirements.

Brokers who are seeking insurance broker tools to better organize, track, and manage their insured and quoting process will come to rely on BrokerConnect’s innovation as a major part of their daily workflow. Delivering easier interaction with markets, insureds, easy ACORD forms creation, document storage, data download, and dynamic questionnaires is a game-changing solution to common workflow challenges.