Appulate Launches ACORD XML

Agoura Hills, CA – Appulate, Inc. announces the launching of its ACORD XML functionality. With this now available, agents using Appulate’s data bridge (Uplink™) will be able to send ACORD, Supplemental and Loss Run data in the ACORD XML 1.13 standard.

“This is an industry first”, said Dimitri Nikouline, Chief Technology Officer. “The ability for agents to provide carriers with a complete submission as ACORD XML has never previously been available”.

Appulate has been providing its Uplink for more than 2 years to retail agents. This product was initially designed to bridge agency management data as an XML stream to help complete both carrier specific supplementals as well as loss run requests.

“Adding to the uniqueness of our technology is its ability to work with any agency management system on the market”, said Nic Bryson, Director of Product Management at Appulate. “Prior attempts to create bridges for agency data have been limited to a small number of agency management systems. Appulate offers a product that is independent and thus can work for any agent across the nation”.

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