Appulate 8 Launched!

New Appulate Version Focuses On Rating And An Updated Agent Interface

Westlake Village, CA – February 21, 2019, Appulate, “Where Agents, MGAs & Carriers Do Business Digitally™ is excited to announce that it has completed its milestone launch of a new version of its product suite.

A significant upgrade to Appulate’s digital insurance platform has gone live with its 8th generation release. “Appulate 8” offers enhanced functionality to automate the complete rate, quote and bind process for all personal and commercial lines of insurance while recognizing all of the stakeholders in the insurance submission and quoting process to include the insured, agent, wholesale broker / MGA and carrier.

The most significant part of Appulate 8 is a first of its kind general purpose commercial P&C rating engine. This technology allows Appulate customers to implement any kind of rating algorithm without programming – putting the development of rating into the hands of the underwriters..

“Carriers and MGAs have historically needed to rely on costly software engineering resources to digitize their insurance products,” said Jeffrey Harris, Appulate’s Co-Founder and President. “Appulate has created a way to do this that avoids the need for software engineering resources and instead puts the power into the hands of underwriters,” comments Harris.

Retail agents receive a major upgrade to Appulate’s “ProducerConnect™” platform as part of the Appulate 8 launch. In addition to major improvements to make using Appulate easier, they now have a fully automated platform to manage their submission and quoting process while also giving them access to additional insurance products and programs they can quote online.

The wholesale broker / MGA community that use Appulate’s “MGAConnect™” platform can now take advantage of a commission tracking/accounting system integration feature. This functionality makes Appulate a solution that can allow its customers to run their whole operation using Appulate.
Carriers that leverage Appulate’s “CarrierConnect™” platform have gained greater flexibility and control with Appulate 8 by being able to more easily add or change their insurance products/programs and better integrate Appulate with policy systems.

“Appulate 8 further addresses the needs of all stakeholders in the submission and quoting process while aligning to the digital direction that the P&C sector of insurance is moving towards,” comments Harris. “Our incredibly talented team of engineers have done an extraordinary job with this major update,” regards Harris.

About Appulate, Inc.

The digital age is rapidly changing the way agents quote business with their carriers. Long gone is the fax machine – replaced by mobility and algorithms. Today, agents (and the insureds they represent) demand instant gratification. If business can’t be conducted quickly, customers go elsewhere.

Appulate powers the digital transformation of insurance by bringing together the insured, agent, wholesale broker, MGA and carrier on a single “point of sale” platform designed to expedite the rate, quote and even bind process for property and casualty risks.

Carriers and MGAs use Appulate to not only digitize their products and programs but further expose them to the more than 30,000 agencies using Appulate today.

Appulate is where Agents, MGAs & Carriers do business digitally!

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