Insurance Technology for Better Time Management

Most industry professionals have developed a daily routine to complete their work tasks in the most effective manner. Typically, once these routines are implemented, they are never re-evaluated for improvement as business evolves. This article will highlight ways to enhance the routine that you currently have using insurance technology solutions. Open your mind to new and effective methods to complete the tasks that tend to monopolize your day. Let’s begin by discussing how to save more time with insurtech solutions.

Workflow Hack #1: Learn to effectively utilize the digital resources available through AMS integration.

How often do you find yourself rekeying data to complete insurance submissions regardless of the submission type? Or playing the “waiting game” for your most repetitive work tasks?

The secret to saving time during your workday lies within the insurance agency technology used. Insurance professionals have come to see the benefits of automation and doing business digitally now more than ever following the pandemic. Taking advantage of platforms like Appulate empowers you to practice better time management in a way that fits your learning style and workflow as you become acclimated to the technology.

Additionally, insurance innovators like Appulate have Agent Development Specialists in place to give expert training on how to effectively utilize the automated tools and resources at your fingertips to save time on tasks such as:

  • Data entry
  • Quoting
  • Insurance Submissions
  • Interacting with other industry professionals

But there’s more! Now that we have covered how your digital resources can be a major time saver lets dive into our next workflow hack.

Workflow Hack #2: Efficiency is king!

As we all know, mistakes can happen during the day. Buttons can be clicked inadvertently, numbers accidentally entered more than once, and various other common mistakes. But there’s a way to increase your efficiency while working smarter opposed to harder and eliminating the tasks that leave the most room for error.

Did you know that you can save an average of 40 minutes per submission AND eliminate the daunting task of rekeying data by embracing automation technology?

Too often information is entered incorrectly onto ACORD and Supplemental forms, then one must make corrections in various fields of required form data before moving on to processing the client’s information. Why put yourself through this hassle when you don’t have to?

Eliminate rekeying data with fillable ACORD forms that enable you to conduct business digitally and EFFECTIVELY.

Workflow Hack #3: Digital distribution is your friend.

Expanding your network by leveraging an insurance distribution platform is an essential element of success. However, not everyone knows how to do this properly to meet the demands of the industry.

Digital distribution is key.

Imagine having all of the products you have to offer placed in front of hundreds of thousands of industry professionals who are seeking them. That is precisely what digital distribution does for your business.

If you have ever considered scaling your business or increasing the distribution of your API, you can save countless hours and a headache by connecting with the largest network of insurance agents through Appulate. Working smarter as opposed to harder with commercial insurance software and automated insurance broker technology that increases margins and productivity is key.

Improving your time management practices will require an open mind. Be willing to step outside of your “norm” for something that will benefit you in the future. Then, you can take the workflow hacks highlighted here to implement better processes for completing your day-to-day tasks. Be sure to familiarize yourself with insurance technology leaders like Appulate who have automation and user-friendly platform that facilities more effective time management and success.