LossRunner 2.0 is Live

Agoura Hills, CA – Appulate, Inc., a leading provider of software automation to the commercial insurance industry, today announced the launch of LossRunner™ 2.0 which offers additional features and improvements to Appulate’s flagship product. LossRunner™ is the leading tool for agents nationwide that automates the requesting of Loss Runs from carriers. LossRunner™ is designed to save time for agents and get the loss run data they need faster and with greater reliability.

LossRunner™ 2.0 automates the “Broker of Record” letters and provides a much more user friendly interface for agents. With just a click of the mouse, the entire loss run request form is created (using data captured from a special integration to the agency management system). Once created, the agent has the ability to immediately send this to the carrier or can provide it to their insured or prospect for approval. LossRunner™ provides the entire workflow right online and is extremely easy to use.

“It’s our best work yet”, said Nic Bryson, Director of Product Development. “Once agents and CSRs see how easy LossRunner™ is to use and how much time they will save, they won’t ever again want to make loss run requests the old fashioned way”.

LossRunner™ 2.0 comes 6 months after the initial product was launched.

“We are always looking to make our products better”, said Dimitri Nikouline, Chief Technology Officer.

Appulate is offering agents a chance to try out LossRunner™ (for free) on its website at www.lossrunner.com.