Introducing Appulate Agent™ Marketing 3.0

You may have noticed some changes to your Appulate account today. This is because of the launch of Appulate Agent™ Marketing 3.0 which streamlines the entire marketing and submission process for retail agents. The technology brings real-time rating, appetite guide and forms entry automation into a user-interface that is far more intuitive for users.

The biggest change is that most of your marketing in Appulate is now done in our new Marketing tab. Therefore, we now have a short cut for it:

Once in the Marketing tab, you will be able to see estimated premiums for your Work Comp markets. Also, you will now be able to do all of your submissions, for all of your markets, in this section. To do so, simply select your markets and click on Submit

After you click on Submit, you will still have to complete any further action requested. For example, click on “Market Portal” or “Click Here” to go to that markets online quoting system and continue on with your submission:

For some markets you will even see a further indication from your market. If you hover over the icons, you will know what is missing or ineligible:

For some markets like Avalon, it goes even further by allowing you to view instant quotes and bind policies right in this Marketing tab with just a couple of clicks:

Our goal as always is to save you time by increasing efficiency in your marketing process. To learn more about Appulate 3.0, email