How to Improve Your Agency Management System with Insurtech Solutions

As insurance technology solutions advance, so should your company’s insurance agency technology and AMS integration tools. If you were to evaluate your company’s overall success, you would be drawn to the data stored within your agency management system to determine the real numbers. With that in mind, having the proper software implementations and digital resources available to retrieve and process data is essential. In this article, we will determine what a healthy agency management system looks like, how the proper evaluations, upgrades, and user interactions are vital, as well as the next steps that you can take to improve your agency management system now.

We will begin by dissecting a healthy agency management system.

How does my agency management system measure up?

Insurance industry professionals have previously been tasked with performing more manual processes than digital processes in regard to their day-to-day job functions. Although technological advancements have become more common within the insurance industry – some industry professionals are not aware of the upgrades necessary to make their job easier and business processes more effective through their agency management system. There are 5 aspects to consider in order to determine if your agency management system is measuring up – usability, functionality, features, integrations, and performance. Lets explore some questions which will relay in more detail what should be the focus of creating a healthy agency management system:

  • Usability – Does my agency management system allow me to easily access, store, and retrieve data?
  • Functionality – Does my agency management system have a stable network foundation (with minimal crashes or technical issues and a secure platform)?
  • Features – Does my agency management system have features that increase productivity, enhance communication, and aid in the overall success of my business?
  • Integrations – Does my agency management system allow me to effectively access data and information from relevant external sources? And can software enhancements be easily implemented (if necessary)?
  • Performance – Does my agency management system allow me to access forms, data, and client information quickly to generate automatic results?

As you ponder the answers to these questions also keep these aspects of a healthy agency management system in mind. Once you have a clear understanding of where your agency management system stands in those areas, it becomes easier to create a system upgrade strategy.

Next, we will discuss how to turn an agency management system evaluation into a system upgrade strategy which will inspire you to interact with it. Even those who are not tech-savvy or not typically excited about change will be inspired to take advantage of tools that make them work smarter opposed to harder.

Upgrade, Interact, EVOLVE!

Agency management system evaluations may not be the easiest task if you have nothing to compare what you have with what you need. Therefore, industry professionals such as the ones at Appulate are ready and willing to connect with you to discuss your business needs and deliver viable Appulate options to enhance your agency management system and workflow.

Once you have connected with a professional who knows how to implement more resourceful, reliable, and user-friendly tools to enhance your management system – the actual upgrade will be the easier aspect. For example, with Appulate our automated insurance distribution platform works with ANY agency management system. Therefore, you can smoothly transition from your old processes to the current standards of doing business digitally without losing data and seamlessly serve your clients as you upgrade.

After an agency management system has been upgraded, and a company has begun doing business digitally opposed to manually its necessary to become acclimated with the features and resources available on the platform. For example, Appulate offers various submission types, options for self-paced training, expert on-demand training, weekly webinars, e-Learning courses, and video resources to match your learning style and accommodate a busy schedule. Additionally, the best training of all is taking the gems from the training option of your choice and utilizing it to enhance your day-to-day workflow. Training is an often undervalued but outstanding resource to easily evolve with the insurance industry and enhance your personal growth.

Appulate is here to help facilitate the transition to doing business digitally and access your agency management system with the speed, efficiency, and network provided by your insurance innovators and the leaders in insurtech. To see how your agency management system could be enhanced by Appulate – SCHEDULE A DEMO