CCMSI Adds Uplink

Agoura Hills, CA – Appulate, Inc. announces alliance partnerships with Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (“CCMSI”) and Connective Technologies, Inc. to deliver its Uplink™ data bridge solution to TEAM-UP for LEMIC Insurance Company. The TEAM-UP suite of products provides once-and-done processing in an industry-compliant, data-secure environment for agency upload, download, and ACORD standard data translations. The web-services upload solution delivers ACORD XML standard workers’ compensation applications to the carrier’s website for real-time, straight-thru processing directly from the agency management system.

Dan Lastrapes, Vice President Operations and Management of LEMIC Insurance Company, comments, “This is a tremendous value-add technology and service for our agencies in making it easier to do business with LEMIC … we are excited that this solution makes straight-thru processing a reality”!

Skip Brechtel, Senior Vice President and CTO of CCMSI, also commented, “Our strategic combination of bringing the right technologies together with our alliance partners and delivering a premium service to our LEMIC workers’ comp client and their respective independent agencies is a tremendous milestone for all of us”!

Dimitri Nikouline, Chief Technology Officer of Appulate, states, “Appulate is delighted to provide our Uplink™ technology to bridge data between the retail agents and the CCMSI / TEAM-UP portal. With this in place, any agent, regardless of which management system they use, will be able to send ACORD data to CCMSI electronically. The result will be both added efficiency for CCMSI and far less time spent doing data entry for the agent”.

Dic Marxen, CEO of Connective Technologies, adds, “We’re excited about our alliances and the launch of a premier, state-of-the-art real-time solution that delivers once-and-done processing, directly from the agency to LEMIC, over the internet”!

TEAM-UP solutions are an Internet-secure offering being leveraged by more than 55 P&C carriers in providing accessibility to over 24,000 communicating agency pairs using more than 40 different agency management systems throughout every region in the United States. TEAM-UP Bridging/Portal Services is an innovative and cost-effective web-based Hybrid interface solution providing upload transmission services and company unique editing for all of the leading agency management systems. Unlike most upload processes, the TEAM-UP solution can be integrated with your existing Internet offering. Adding TEAM-UP to your current web offering allows you to service each source of business, no matter what agency management system they are using, in real time. TEAM-UP is unique, in that it uses one solution rather than building and maintaining redundant carrier unique edits and communication platforms for each incoming agency system. This environment also supports download transmissions and ensures a seamless fit into carriers’ existing agency portals and incorporates a single-process entry point at the agency for accessing multiple carriers’ downloads.

About LEMIC Insurance Company: While many insurance companies come and go from the market, LEMIC Insurance Company is proving that commitment and discipline will insure long-term viability no matter what the market presents to insurers. LEMIC is a Louisiana chartered and admitted company located in Baton Rouge. Currently, LEMIC writes workers’ compensation coverage through networks of independent insurance agents in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee. LEMIC has chosen a strategic business partner to work with the company in achieving its goals. Metairie-based Cannon-Cochran Management Services Incorporated (CCMSI) handles all underwriting functions for LEMIC, as well as all claims, loss control and cost containment services. CCMSI’s experience, market knowledge, and customer service allow us to both add new business and retain valuable customers. By outsourcing underwriting, claims and loss control, LEMIC has a lower cost of doing business and can better focus on planning, regulatory compliance and customer service.

LEMIC is successful because it strives to deliver services that enhance its product and enrich the bonds between consumer and agent, and agent and company. LEMIC promises to remain committed to ideals of corporate evolution, value, loyalty and innovation. Please visit our website:

About CCMSI: CCMSI is a leading third-party administrator for workers’ compensation and property/casualty self-insurance programs. Since 1978, we’ve successfully administered and provided claim services to individual and group clients, nationwide. Currently, with annual gross revenues of $80 million and a workforce of over 850 professionals in 38 office locations, we provide services to over 425 individual self-insured employers and 58 self-insured groups. CCMSI has a 98% client satisfaction rate that is unparalleled in our industry. It is not unusual for us to have clients that have utilized our services for 10-20 years and routinely provide us with 4 and 5-year contracts. We service two main lines of business: Individual employers and Self-insured groups.

We are adept at giving advice and taking instruction within the context of a self-insured program. We are here to help. The idea is to merge your knowledge of your business with our expertise and produce the widest set of possible choices. Please visit our website:

About Appulate: Appulate is the leading provider of software designed to help independent insurance agents better automate the collection, transmission and tracking of data associated with the application process. Appulate’s unique suite of agency products are enhanced through the use of Uplink™, a data bridge allowing the seamless sending of ACORD, supplemental and loss run data electronically to carriers. The combination of our advanced technology, outstanding service and experienced team allow us to create products and services with a high value proposition.

The company is headquartered in Agoura Hills, California – about 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles, in the ‘101 Technology Corridor’. Since being founded in 2005, Appulate has quickly gPostn to serve more than 2000 agents and brokers nationwide. Please visit our website:

About Connective Technologies, Inc.:

Connective Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of e-Commerce business solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry, specializing in Internet interface solutions for carriers and their agents. Connective has used its many years of experience with leading agency management systems and traditional batch EDI to pioneer the approach, which has helped it become the leading provider of bridging/portal services and Internet-based interface solutions in the industry. Connective provides implementation services for its flagship products, TEAM-UP Upload, Download, and Translation Solutions, as well as Site Development and Web Services. To learn more about Connective products and services, contact Dic Marxen at (817) 377-0815, by email at, or visit the website at