Appulate Changes the Trajectory of Insurtech

Appulate, “Where Agents, MGAs, and Carriers Do Business Digitally” is excited to announce the record breaking results of agents moving with the future of insurance technology.

Almost two decades ago, Appulate invested in delivering insurance technology solutions which would change the way insurance professionals do business. Now, with the automation that Appulate provides, networked insurance agents, MGAs, and carriers connect on a single platform to rate, quote, and bind in seconds while gaining access to an extensive insurance distribution platform and insurtech ecosystem.

This combination of digital tools and resources paired with expert training from Appulate has become the preference of the tech-driven agents that are currently fueling the industry. Agents are completing a record-breaking number of insurance submissions as a result of automating their workflow through Appulate’s insurtech solutions.

“Submission counts demonstrate an increased demand for the technology that Appulate provides.”, said Vanessa Camara – Vice President of Operations at Appulate, Inc. “This in combination with our annual survey demonstrates to us that the insurance industry is automating at a rapid pace.”

Appulate experienced a 40% increase in insurance submissions from March 2020 to March 2021. This data proves that agents are seeking an automated insurtech solution to doing business which also prevents them from being left behind in the evolution of insurance. As insurance agency technology, automated submission types, and AMS integration become the standard for doing business effectively advanced retail agents have come to rely on it.

About Appulate, Inc.

Appulate houses the largest network of independent agents in the country who represent 80% of all independent agencies. Appulate’s insurtech solutions bridge data from any agency management system into the ultimate insurance distribution platform that powers the digital aggregation of property and casualty business between independent insurance agents and insurance markets. This highly automated workflow minimizes data entry and saves time by delivering access to coveted resources.

Appulate, insurance innovators for over a decade – facilitate the evolution of insurance technology and changes the way more than 250,000 agents generate quotes, access fillable ACORD and Supplemental forms, expand their business, and communicate with nationwide carriers.

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