New Submissions/Quotes Page

Notice anything different on our Submission/Quotes page? The results are the same but the look is new and improved!

To submit now, just find your market from the list and click "Send” right next to it. It will bring that market to the top of the list and will give you any further instructions, like “Click Here” to go to the carrier’s website to finish your submission: Read more

If yes, please explain…

In our effort to reduce the number of questions you see on the forms in Appulate we've taken a step to hide all of the irrelevant "Please explain" boxes that you don't need to answer.  Now, based on your answer to the previous question, you'll either see a space to put in an explanation if you answered the dependent question a certain way:  Read more

New Blog!

We’re launching this new blog today in hopes of being able to keep you better up to date on our development progress.  As time goes on we’ll add information about new features we’ve added and how to use them, new supplementals added to our database of forms, and new features to our flagship product – the Appulate Uplink. Read more