Appulate release 07/12/18

Two-factor authentication

Appulate introduces two-factor authentication (2FA) to strengthen the protection of your account from unauthorized access. 2FA means that besides your login and password you can use a one-time verification code sent to your cell phone number to confirm your identity when signing in to Appulate.

The administrator of each company registered with Appulate is expected to determine which level of account security their users need: only password or both password and verification code. To do it, they have to Continue Reading

Appulate release 04/26/18

Filtering out non-required questions

When you work with a questionnaire on the Q&A tab, you can hide all optional and answered questions so as to focus your attention only on the questions you must answer to be allowed to make a submission.

The required and unanswered questions are marked with an asterisk in a questionnaire; the number of such questions is also shown within each respective questionnaire tab. To show only these questions, select the Required unanswered only check box on the toolbar above the questionnaire. If a particular tab contains no required and unanswered questions, it will also be hidden. Continue Reading

Appulate release 02/08/18

New columns in Book of Business report

We have added several new columns to the Book of Business report table; their purpose is to provide information related to the previously introduced Commission functionality.

The number and titles of the new columns available to you vary depending on the company you work for: an agency, MGA (see an example in the following figure), or carrier. Continue Reading

Appulate release 12/21/17

Changes in Appulate statuses

We have updated the system of Appulate statuses introduced earlier and added two new Record statuses: “Quote Prepared” and “Quote Released”.

The users of a market

  • see “Quote Prepared” when a quote document has been uploaded, generated, or received by this market but has not been sent to the agency. Earlier the Record status of “Quote in Progress” was shown in this case.
  • see “Quote Released” when a prepared quote document available to this market has been released, i.e. sent to the agency. Earlier the Record status of “Quoted” was shown in this case.

The users of an agency

  • see “Quote Prepared” when a quote document has been received by this agency. Earlier the Record status of “Quoted” was shown in this case.

Note: “Quote Released” is not available to agency users. “Quoted” is no longer used in Appulate. Continue Reading

Appulate release 12/14/17

Mark-all-No function

The “Mark-all-No” function, which many Appulate users find useful, is now represented as a button.

When you or your partners are filling out a questionnaire on the Q&A tab, in the Q&A editor of the Forms tab, or in any other form, the new Mark all “No” button can be used to answer “No” to all shown Yes/No questions at a time. You will find this button either on the toolbar if the open tab (section) has no subsections or in the upper-right corner of the open subsection. And thus it will affect all the Yes/No questions of this section or subsection, respectively. Continue Reading