Appulate Release 3/24/16

In-House User Designation

You can now designate your company’s user as an “In-House User”. This is meant for users that do not normally interact with external parties, i.e. senior managers or support staff. 

An in-house user will be hidden from the following views for other companies’ users:

  • Agency Users list
  • Market Contacts view
  • To/Cc/Bcc fields of any Appulate emails
  • Producer/CSR of the Source Agency if the market is selected as Source Agency
  • Recipients of Send Request to Complete

If an Appulate user tries to create a new contact using the email address of an In-House User, the system will not allow him to create the contact.

In-House User status can be toggled under User Profile as shown on the screenshot underneath. By default, the option is not set.

Appulate Release 3/24/16

Undelete Functionality

Admin users of companies can now undelete insureds and/or quotes/policies that were deleted earlier. If an insured is undeleted, it is restored alongside with all of his quotes/policies. If a quote/policy is undeleted, it is restored alongside the insured it is associated with. 

The link to undelete is placed into the Comment section of the Activity Log event registering the deletion, as shown on the screenshots.

Undelete insured: 

Appulate Release 3/24/16

Undelete quote/policy: 

Appulate Release 3/24/16

Undeletion will be logged in the Activity Log (Insured Undeleted or Record Undeleted, respectively).

Email Address Lookup

The new functionality augments the email message editor in Appulate. Contact information (first name, last name, email address) will be looked up as the user types them into To/Cc/Bcc fields, matching the input to relevant contacts. The lookup covers in principle the following groups of contacts (depending on the specific context where the message is created, some of these groups can be omitted): 

  • The market’s contacts
  • Insured’s contacts
  • Source Agency contacts
  • Own company’s contacts

The looked up contacts are grouped on the basis of their origin (see above), which is shown by subtitles in the dropdown list:

Appulate Release 3/24/16