Appulate Launches Uplink™ 2.0

Uplink™ is a virtual printer that uniquely is able to convert forms from any management system into standard ACORD XML. This makes it easy to “print” customer information from your agency management system into Appulate or directly to carriers.

Uplink™ 2.0 just launched and it also allows you to upload various files (ACORD forms, loss runs, etc.) from your hard drive to Appulate with the Uplink Shell extension.

Also,we have extended the power of Uplink™ to Outlook thereby allowing you to upload your emails and attachments directly to Appulate (we currently support Outlook 2010 only).

To download Appulate’s Uplink™ 2.0, log in to Appulate and go to the Tools tab at the top of your page. Click on Download Appulate Uplink™ and follow the prompts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at