Appulate Partners Saw Over a Billion in Bound Premium in Fiscal Year 2021

Appulate the world’s leading insurance technology provider ends Fiscal Year with over a billion in bound premium to their carrier and MGA partners.  

December 1, 2021, 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time – Appulate ended Fiscal Year 2021 with extraordinary results that indicated how the industry is shifting and is leveraging automation technology to stay afloat with the current standard of doing business.

The Appulate technology provides a platform for agents, MGAs, Carriers, and Wholesalers to not only digitally interact and conduct business in a more streamlined manner but to thrive by utilizing the digital resources that have become essential for the day-to-day tasks – regardless of your professional title.

The automation tools exclusively available at Appulate such as Weblink, LossRunner, and the coveted ability to rate, quote and bind within seconds is utilized by the largest network of independent agents in the country to deliver a 63% increase in bound policies through Appulate and a 40% increase in Premium Value Bound. Agents also acknowledge the benefit of utilizing automated ACORD and Supplemental Forms, as overall submissions have increased by 13% over the course of Appulate’s 2021 fiscal year.

 “We are seeing a ton of submissions and by the looks of it we expect to write a whole lot more business through this relationship,” stated Appulate partner AllCor representative, illustrating automation technology is not a trend, but the standard.

Appulate continues to connect the world of insurance with informative blogs, more convenient training options, and improved technology through their SaaS based multi-tenant system. Additionally, with a 12% increase in system logins, users prove that the once non-technical world of insurance has evolved into a tech-savvy ecosystem of professionals.

About Appulate, Inc.

Appulate houses the largest network of independent agents in the country, representing 80% of all independent agencies. The Appulate technology bridges data from any agency management system into the ultimate platform that powers the digital aggregation of property and casualty business between independent insurance agents and insurance markets. This highly automated workflow minimizes data entry and saves time by delivering access to coveted resources.

Appulate, the leader in insurtech for over a decade – facilitates the evolution of technology and changes the way more than 250,000 agents generate quotes, expand their business, and communicate with carriers.

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