Appulate Celebrates 15 Years  

Appulate Celebrates 15 Years

Leading Application and Renewal Technology Company Has Milestone Birthday

Westlake Village, CA – March 10, 2020 Appulate, “Where Agents, MGAs & Carriers Do Business Digitally™ is excited to announce that it is celebrating 15 years serving the property and casualty sector of the insurance industry.

Largely considered the first true “InsureTech” company, Appulate got its start in March of 2005 when co-founders’ Jeff Harris and Dimitri Nikouline developed innovative technology to help agents complete carrier supplemental forms. Just two years later, the company unveiled its famed “Uplink™” technology and became the leader in the upload of ACORD data to carriers and MGAs. By 2014, Appulate had more than 10,000 agencies using Uplink™.

At the start of Appulate’s 2nd decade of business, it began to greatly expand its capabilities and lead the charge to innovate the point of sale process between agents, MGAs and carriers. By 2017, more than 30,000 agencies were on Appulate’s platform – creating the largest single network of independent agents in the property and casualty sector of the insurance industry.

In the most recent years, Appulate has been the trailblazer in implementing digital insurance products and programs to create a real-time rate/quote/bind process. Today, more than 77,000 agency locations use Appulate to submit and quote risks.

“Our key to success has always been about listening to the needs of the industry and using our engineering prowess to create solutions that help the industry operate more effectively,” said Dimitri Nikouline, Appulate’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “We are really passionate about bringing innovation to the insurance industry,” comments Nikouline.

Many companies with 15 years of experience operate with a “cash cow” mentality and focus on deriving revenues from products they created in year’s past. On the other hand, Appulate continues to focus on innovation. The company just launched Appulate 9, their 9th generation version of the Appulate platform.

“We are always looking forward,” comments Jeffrey Harris, Appulate’s Co-Founder and President. “We are tremendously proud of what we have accomplished in our first 15 years, but now it is all about what we can accomplish in the next 15,” regards Harris.

About Appulate, Inc.

The digital age is rapidly changing the way agents quote business with their carriers. Long gone is the fax machine – replaced by mobility and algorithms. Today, agents (and the insureds they represent) demand instant gratification. If business can’t be conducted quickly, customers go elsewhere. 

Appulate powers the digital transformation of insurance by bringing together the insured, agent, wholesale broker, MGA and carrier on a single “point of sale” platform designed to expedite the rate, quote and even bind process for property and casualty risks.

Carriers and MGAs use Appulate to not only digitize their products and programs, but further expose them to the more than 70,000 agency locations using Appulate today.

Appulate is where Agents, MGAs & Carriers do business digitally!

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