Appulate 4.0 Launched

Appulate’s Largest Release To-Date Offers Carriers, Brokers and MGAs State Of The Art Submission Workflow For All Lines Of Business

Agoura Hills, CA – October 28, 2013 Appulate, Inc., the leading provider of submission management automation for the property and casualty sector of the insurance industry has launched Appulate 4.0.

The release (touted as Appulate’s largest to-date) was a project that took nearly 18 months to complete and addresses the needs of all stakeholders in the submission process by offering highly sophisticated submission automation with a much more intuitive and simple user experience.

“4.0 is all about simplifying the submission process ,” said Dimitri Nikouline, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Appulate, Inc. “Take your mobile device for instance – it is extremely intuitive and easy to use, but it takes a huge investment and incredibly complex technology behind the scenes to make it that way – that is Appulate 4.0” added Nikouline.

There are three underlying areas that Appulate is focused on for the Carrier, Broker and MGA markets. The first is Appulate’s upload and forms parsing capabilities. As the leader in this space, Appulate offers unique technology that consumes ACORD forms that come from the retail agency management systems and converts them to structured ACORD XML data. Next, Appulate provides a SaaS-based “Portal” allowing Carriers and MGAs to receive submissions from their agents and brokers electronically. As part of that solution, Appulate now offers a rating and the rules-based qualification engine, which automate underwriting of risks and quote creation. For Retail Agents and Wholesale Brokers, Appulate has extended its popular “SEMCI” (Single Entry Multiple Carrier Interface) tools to support various commercial P&C lines, including BOP, GL, Property, Commercial Auto and Work Comp.

“Every industry stakeholder is looking to modernize how they do business,” remarks Nikouline. “Some are looking to bridge data from the agents, some are looking to automate quoting and some simply want to increase the efficiencies of their back-office. With Appulate 4.0, there is really something for everyone,” said Nikouline.

About Appulate

Founded in 2005, Appulate offers an unprecedented level of connectivity to streamline business processes through its innovative abilities to bridge data between insurance systems. The combination of our advanced technology, outstanding level of service and high value proposition have made us one of the fastest growing technology companies that serve the insurance industry.

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