Appulate release 10/26/17

Required question indicators on questionnaire

When you are filling out the questionnaire on the Q&A tab or when your partner or customer is filling out the questionnaire you have sent them, the number of questions required by the markets is shown for each questionnaire tab (section).

The number of required questions is defined by the markets you select in the list above. If no market is selected, there are no numbers indicating required unanswered questions on the tabs. When you select markets and start filling out the questionnaire, these numbers change interactively. After you have completed a section, the respective number disappears. Read more

Appulate’s Agency Network Now at 30,000

Appulate Media Coverage

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Margo Gullick
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Appulate’s Agency Network Now at 30,000

80% Of All Independent Retail Agencies Now Submitting Through Appulate

Westlake Village, CA – October 25, 2017 Appulate, Inc., “Connecting The World Of Insurance” is excited to announce that its independent retail agency network has now reached more than 30,000. Read more

Appulate release 10/12/17

Commission: a new tab on the Policy page

We have introduced a new tab on the Policy page: Commission. This tab allows you to keep track of the commissions, fees, and your proceeds from binding policies. Simply enter the values for written premium and, depending on your role in the policy binding cycle, commission earned by your company, commission paid to your partners, and your fee; Appulate will calculate the rest. Read more

Appulate release 10/05/17

Appulate help

Appulate help is now available on the main menu.

If you are looking for any information on how to use our products or you need a consultation with our support specialist, please click Help and open the tab whose name seems to match your needs.

  • “Documentation”: A manual on how to use Appulate.
  • “Articles”: Independent articles covering different topics (including FAQ).
  • “Training”: Online courses run by our customer service specialists.
  • “Video Tutorials”: Training video content.
  • “Contact Us”: A form to request assistance from our support team.
  • Read more