Appulate release 07/20/17

New navigation on questionnaires

We have redesigned the toolbar above questionnaires on the Q&A tab and in the Q&A editor of the Forms tab, so that the UI elements are organized in a more comfortable and predictable way.

The following changes have been made:

  • Sections grouping related questions are represented as tabs (1), not as items in the drop-down list. This solution visualizes navigation. You can open these tabs successively or in any other order to fill out a questionnaire.
  • A list of active users who are working on a questionnaire is shifted (2). Besides the names of these users, this list also contains information on when the last modification was made and who did it.
  • A list of additional functions opens when you click the “Wrench” button: Mark all “No”, Hide Reviewed, and Get XML (3).
  • The new “Chevron” button is used to expand the room for the questionnaire by hiding the list of markets above (4). It is applicable only to the Q&A tab.
  • The Done button is used to mark all questions of an open section or subsection as reviewed (5). Earlier this button was called “Mark all Done”.

  • Additional buttons appear next to the tabs if all available tabs do not fit in the bar. Using these buttons, you can scroll the tabs (6) or open a list of them to quickly jump to the one you need (7).

File attachment to every email message

You can attach a file to any email message you send via Appulate, whether or not the type of this message needs attachments. Read more