Appulate release 04/13/17

New Submission report

We have introduced the new report of Submissions to present statistical information on your company’s submission activity.

Note: To open this report, click “Submissions” on the “Reports” menu.

The Submissions report is used to show the list of markets your company made submissions to and which states these submissions (quotes) had. The “By Market” tab of the Quotes report, which was previously used for this purpose, has been removed. Read more

Appulate release 04/06/17

New column in Quotes tables

There is a new column in Quotes tables to display the date and time when the primary decision on a request for quotation was made: Quoted On. This decision may be the first provided quote document or declination to collaborate.

The new column of Quoted On has been added to the tables on the following pages: “New/Unassigned”, “Underway”, “Requested to Bind” (available to markets only), “All Quotes”, and all existing custom Quote views. Read more