Real-time questionnaire synchronization

You are able to see users who are working with you on the same questionnaire in parallel and which changes they have made. This will allow you to avoid uncoordinated actions and track the updates in real time.

When you open a quote or policy on the Q&A or Forms (“Q&A”) tab, you are able to see who are currently working on this quote or policy (if any), which changes they have made, and who and when made the last change. Read more

End of 2016 Letter from the President

December 26, 2016

To our agent, MGA and carrier customers,

It is time to close out 2016 and I wanted to share some thoughts with you on Appulate, our progress and our future – plus some general comments about the insurance industry as a whole.

Appulate’s mission is to help connect the various stakeholders in the insurance quoting process through the use of technology, and we take this mission seriously. More than a slogan, it’s why most of us at Appulate joined the company and why a growing number of agents, MGAs and carriers are customers of the Appulate network. Read more


Agency, Market pages redesigned

The “Agency” and “Market” pages have been redesigned to improve their usability and ensure the UI elements used on these pages are consistent with the current industry standards.

Agency page and Market page

Markets’ visibility to agencies

We have expanded the functionality controlling the visibility of a company’s partner markets. Now the users of your company are able not only to define whether your markets are visible to your agencies but also to define whether the visible markets are selected for submission by default. Read more


Limits and Deductible columns

Two new columns have been added to the table on the Submission page: Limits and Ded. (Deductible).

The Limits column displays the maximum amount of benefits an insured customer can claim, and the Ded. column displays the amount of funds an insured customer has to pay to the insurer before the latter is to cover the losses. At the moment, these two columns are applicable only to “General Liability” and “Artisan Contractors” and are hidden if any other insurance line is selected. Read more