Grouping report data by market

Market users are able to group data in the Quotes and Book of Business reports by markets.

The new tab of By Market has been added to the “Quotes” (see the following figure) and “Book of Business” reports to group data by a Market parameter. On this tab, you can see the list of markets which your company submitted applications to (“Quotes” report) or the list of markets that issued policies after your company’s submission (“Book of Business” report). When this tab is open, a new filter drop-down list, called Market, gets available. It allows you to view the statistics of only particular markets. Read more

Appulate’s Agency Network Now At 25,000

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Appulate’s Agency Network Now At 25,000

2/3 Of All Independent Retail Agencies Now Use Appulate To Quote

Agoura Hills, CA – November 14, 2016 Appulate, Inc., “Connecting The World Of Insurance” is excited to announce that its independent retail agency network has now topped 25,000. According to recent industry surveying, roughly 66% of independent retail agencies use Appulate to quote property and casualty lines of business. This makes up the largest constituency of any network of independent retail agencies in the industry. Read more