Appulate Release 1/21/16

Quote Sent to Insured Status Update

After an agency sends an uploaded quote to an insured by email, the status of the quote will be automatically changed to Sent To Insured, regardless of the submission type for the respective market. You can send the quote to the insured more than once. 

On the market selector interface, the date and time when the quote was sent is shown alongside the quote’s file name; the corresponding row is highlighted with pale yellow color, as shown on the screenshot. The highlighting and the timestamp remain even after the view has been refreshed. Read more

Appulate CarrierConnectâ„¢ Launches

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Appulate CarrierConnect™ Launches 
New Appulate Product For Retail Agents Focuses On Pipeline / Quote Management

Agoura Hills, CA – January 15th, 2016 The leading provider of retail agency connectivity solutions for the property and casualty sector of the insurance industry, Appulate, Inc., announced that it has launched a new retail agency platform, CarrierConnect™. Read more