Appulate Release 10/15/15

Specific Declined By Market Statuses

Appulate now has three new Declined by Market statuses that allow to more specifically communicate the reason a submission has been declined:

  • Declined by Market (Reserved) – another agent had already submitted a quote for this insured before you did,
  • Declined by Market (No Appetite) – this insured did not fulfil the market’s underwriting criteria, 
  • Declined by Market (Other) – the quote was declined for some other reason. 

Markets that use Appulate submission type can assign Declined by Market statuses themselves. 

Appulate Release 10/15/15

Agents working with markets that use submission types can assign Declined by Market statuses using the dropdown menu. Note that you can revert from a Declined by Market status to the quote’s preceding status using the same dropdown.  Read more

Appulate Release 9/24/15

New search interface on Insured view

A new search interface has been implemented for the Insured view. You can type a search term into the box and click "Search", and all insureds whose details contain the search term will be listed.

Note: when searching by a FEIN or a SSN, you must enter it in full, as partial matching is not supported for these fields. Also, search by insured IDs is not possible. Read more

Appulate Release 9/3/15

Insured Type Separation: Business / Person

This new control allows to determine from the start whether the insured is a business or a person. Combined with Business Type specification controls (on the right), this enables the system to suggest the most relevant insurance lines as you move on and fill out the forms. Read more

Appulate Release 8/13/15

Asterisk for required documents            

When Notice of Cancellation and/or Declaration Page attachments are required as part of a submission, there will now be a red asterisk near the Docs tab until the document is attached.

Appulate Release 8/13/15

Adding New Contact Read more

7-23-2015 Appulate Release

Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported

To improve user experience, all users are encouraged to upgrade to current browsers. IE8 is no longer supported. IE9 users will continue to be prompted to update their browsers. 

7-23-2015 Appulate Release

Appulate user maintenance events now available in Activities Page

Additional values (associated with user maintenance activities) are now added to the Activity Page:
  • User creation
  • User deactivation
  • Password reset
These will now show in the Activity type column.

7-23-2015 Appulate Release

Restrict non-admin users from selecting/unselecting markets 

New option (in settings) which will allow you to control the user(s) (admin or non-admin) that can select or unselect markets for your account. Read more