Appulate Release 11/26/15

Minor UI changes for Quote view

Send Questionnaire to Complete button on the Q&A tab of the Quote view has been replaced with a new icon and moved to the top bar of Quote view. Thus you can access this command regardless of the specific Quote view tab you are working on at the moment:

Send Questionnaire to Complete on Q&A tab

Send Request to Complete button on the Forms tab of the Quote view has remained at the same place: Read more

Appulate Release 11/5/15

Quote Views Makeover

The quote views for agencies and markets have been revised to accommodate the new statuses. You can access the views from the Quotes dropdown in the top menu. 

Quote Views for Agencies

Three views are now available to Agencies: New/Unassigned, Underway, and All Quotes (see screenshot).

Appulate Release 11/5/15


This view includes all quotes with the New/Unassigned status. By default, the displayed quotes are sorted by Effective date in the ascending order.  Read more