Appulate Release 10/15/15

Specific Declined By Market Statuses

Appulate now has three new Declined by Market statuses that allow to more specifically communicate the reason a submission has been declined:

  • Declined by Market (Reserved) – another agent had already submitted a quote for this insured before you did,
  • Declined by Market (No Appetite) – this insured did not fulfil the market’s underwriting criteria, 
  • Declined by Market (Other) – the quote was declined for some other reason. 

Markets that use Appulate submission type can assign Declined by Market statuses themselves. 

Appulate Release 10/15/15

Agents working with markets that use submission types can assign Declined by Market statuses using the dropdown menu. Note that you can revert from a Declined by Market status to the quote’s preceding status using the same dropdown.  Read more